A comprehensive training for hypnotherapists helping your client to make healthier choices.

The virtual gastric band helps by putting the right foundations in place, by making some small realistic changes, but there are increasing numbers of clients who are literally starving nutritionally.

Biologically we are programmed to seek out what our body is lacking, so even if we feel full, if we are lacking nutritionally a powerful biological will urge us to put our head back in the cupboard again.

Would you know the possible signs of nutrient deficiency, and what advice to give?

Many of our clients are becoming increasingly confused by so many mixed media messages about which foods are good and which are bad, and they perceive you to be the ‘Expert’ and to help them find a solution.

I’ve developed my simple ’Hypnosis meets nutrition” to help clients on the next step of their journey to long-term health and well-being, and having tried and tested it, I’m now in a position to share it with you.

The programme focuses on:

• Having the right nutritional foundations in place

• Conscious and hypnotic training to motivate your client to enjoy better choices

• Hypnotising your client out of the food advertisers trance

• A heightened awareness of your clients own bodies needs

• Following a simple eating plan

• Ensuring your client isn’t literally starving nutritionally!

Research estimates that a whopping 97% of the population are nutrient deficient. That is a lot of potential clients.

You will instantly receive:

• A full digital manual giving scripts for all sessions, plus an extra script for the supporting soundtrack.

• A client questionnaire that helps you immediately recognise possible nutrient deficiencies in your client

• Knowledge on the most vital aspects of nutrition so you can support both your clients mind and body

• CPD Course Certification

Do think about how many people you know who are confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat, and who you could help.

“I cannot believe how much energy I now have, I’m now properly in control for the first time in my life. Best of all it is so easy”  S.Salter

“I feel so much better in myself. I had thought it was just my age, and I had to accept how I felt, now I know how to look after myself properly and of course become slimmer too!” P. Cammis


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