Fibromyalgia Relief Audio Program – Downloadable


Developed by a former fibromyalgia sufferer, this thirteen audio file set consists of an introductory MP3 that contains an introduction to hypnosis, an introduction to using hypnosis for FMS relief, and instructions on using the program. MP3 numbers two through thirteen contain the twelve sessions of this therapy program. Developed initially to alleviate Dr. Melissa Roth’s own severe FMS symptoms, this program has been in extensive worldwide use since 1997.

Over 80% of users become and remain symptom-free. Over 97% experience significant and sometimes dramatic relief while simultaneously eliminating or reducing their need for FMS medications. The suggestions used are designed to re-train the muscles, nerves, and systems of the body to function normally again, returning the user to a higher state of health and functioning. Pain, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, stress, and depression are eliminated. Recorded by the developer, Melissa J. Roth, CHt, PhD (c), a former fibromyalgia sufferer who has been symptom-free since 1997.

13 Downloadable MP3 Audio files


DISCLAIMER: I have done my best to ensure I represent my products correctly and their potential to expand your hypnotherapy practice. I developed my products through my own experience of the potential incorporated in them. However, as stipulated by FTC law, I do not guarantee your actual performance or level of success in achieving equal outcomes to those possibly mentioned in any of my programs or trainings. Such is dependent upon factors including your skills, knowledge, financial situation, dedication, network, and disposition to work. I neither offer any professional, financial, or legal advice.


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