SleepTalk for Children Consult- Live or Dist Nov 6-7


Cheryl J Elman

of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

is proud to present the

    Goulding Process of SleepTalk® for Children

         Professional Consultant Training –

   Live at DEHI or

Distant Learning

 by Live/Zoom in small groups

                              (Learn in the comfort of your home or office)

Nov 6th & 7th,  2019

  • EST– (USA NY time)           10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Pacific Time (USA)                7 a.m- 1 pm
  • Norway/Netherlands/Germany    4 pm – 10 p.m.

Follow-up 1-2 hr Zoom Sessions

CEU’s or equivalent offered for Hypno-birthing, IACT, and IMDHA

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You can Teach Parents to build their Child(ren)’s Self Esteem.

Study with Cheryl Elman,

and Joane Goulding, the creator of this process (via skype or video)

and start on your way to become an

Accredited Goulding SleepTalk® for Children Consultant.

This training offers guaranteed 6 months of support

as you complete the rest of the program**

You are invited to apply to become a Goulding SleepTalk® for Children consultant. Acceptance into the 6-month guaranteed support program to become a consultant is being offered to professionals with qualifications and experience in an appropriate field of the ‘helping professions’, e.g., Clinical Hypnotherapy, Health Care, Communication, Psychology, Education, Human Resources, Naturopathy or Counselling. Current membership of an appropriate, relevant health-related professional association is required.

This 6-month course of study course will take place for 2 days, and then will have 2-3 hour support segments.  Ongoing support will be offered via SKYPE /ZOOM with your trainer, Cheryl Elman, plus a members- only group for trainers, consultants, and interns.  The Self-Paced training levels comprise of structured discussions and exercises which covers about 24 hours of practical training and offers overall about 120 nominal hours of learning.

Participants are encouraged to start with clients immediately after taking your initial segments.  Your first 3 clients become your case histories and part of the assessment structure for you to become certified..

Why would the Goulding Process of SleepTalk® be a great addition to your practice?

As a hypnotist or therapist, how often do you work with children and then they are back to their same environments.   Parents become a huge part of this process, and the shift occurs for all involved.

  • Opens doors easier for presenting to schools, churches  and parent groups
  • Opens possibilities of working with other family members
  • Increases your client base
  • Easy to use skype for your sessions
  • Great for Group Intros and classes
  • and much more


What are the basics of SleepTalk® for Children?

  • You train parents to talk to their children during their sleep.
  • A simple non-intrusive self esteem and behaviour change process for children
  • Parents give children a 2-3 minute per night “gift” that lasts a lifetime.
  • Easy to learn and teach.


Meet JOANE GOULDING, founder of the

Goulding Process of SleepTalk® for Children

Meet your Instructor:  CHERYL J.  ELMAN

BS ED, CH, CMT, SleepTalk® Consultant, Accredited SleepTalk® Trainer


Cheryl has worked with Joane goulding since 2011 in expanding the Goulding Process of SleepTalk for Children globally and is excited to concentrate of the expansion here in the United States.

  • BS degree from Syracuse University in Elementary Ed and Special Education K-12
  • 1998-Current Cheryl has had a mobile company which encourages children to enjoy art and crafts at parties, events, schools and camps.
  • Certified SleepTalk Consultant
  • Accredited International SleepTalk® Trainer
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Certified Master Trainer – IACT and IMDHA
  • 2014 Educator of the Year – MAHC
  • 2013 Lifetime Acheivement Award – HypnoKongress Switzerland
  • Artist
  • An International Speaker and Presenter (18 countries)

No two children and families have exactly the same needs, or relationship styles.  We begin with a foundation for the parents to say to their children in their sleep and then through assessmests,  we create an individual statement plan for every child.


How does one become a SleepTalk Consultant?

Competency isassessed throughout the 6 month course and includes workshop participation and written project-based case history documentation. Graduate Consultant’s certification allows the holder of that award to establish their own Goulding SleepTalk® practice and can apply to be registered on the International SleepTalk® consultant’s website.

Consultants are required to accept and agree to be bound by the professional Ethical Standards and Code of Practice of The Goulding Institute.

On completion of the  entire SleepTalk® training- Level I , II, III ** you will be able to:

  • Analyze the framework of the Goulding SleepTalk® process.
  • Discuss the rationale behind the use of the Goulding SleepTalk® process.
  • Describe the basic considerations and assumptions of the Goulding SleepTalk® process.
  • Identify, discuss and analyze the ‘Legacy Tree’.
  • Discuss the therapeutic approach to resolving basic and primary issues and identifying brainwave frequencies.
  • Identify different brainwave frequencies that occur throughout the sleeping cycle.
  • Evaluate the relevancy and explain the Goulding ‘Top Hat’ theory.
  • Discuss the ‘RAS’ relevant to different brainwave frequency.
  • Develop a communication template objective.
  • Assess the appropriateness and application of specific suggestions.
  • Describe the ‘Foundation Process’.
  • Evaluate the relevancy and analyze SleepTalk® feedback statements.
  • Apply concepts and principles of waking suggestion and the rationale for presenting SleepTalk® each night.
  • Outline a frame of reference which will provide the desired changes in behavior.
  • Distinguish appropriate suggestions.
  • Formulate specific content of the ‘SleepTalk® Foundation’ script.
  • Propose and implement a process which integrates desired changes of behavior in a child.
  • Formulate specific content of the ‘SleepTalk® Primary area on need’ script.
  • Propose and implement a process which will provide desired changes of behavior in a child.
  • Describe how psycho-nutrition affects the relationship between the body and the mind and its relevance to a child’s behaviour, levels of stress and/or anxiety.
  • Marketing information and materials on how to build your SleepTalk Consultancy Business

Resources supplied:

  • A training manual
  • Supporting documentation and information on a portal
  • mp3 CD resources
  • group webinars


Upon successful completion of the course and the receipt of all assignment requirements, a certification as an accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children Consultant will be issued with an invitation to apply for your profile to be registered with the SleepTalk™ Consultant website which is sponsored by the Goulding Institute.

  • Course includes fee for Joane Goulding doing an analysis of your case studies, final accreditation upon completion and the 1st year of your profile on the International Consultant Registry.

Joane  Goulding taught a 2 day course at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, NC and see what the participants had to say about the program.

Joane Goulding, the founder, will be with us through  zoom and /or training video from the DEHI training.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY- Groups starting now.

all for only



Including Continuing Education Units

CONTACT Cheryl J Elman

252-432-2205 or


ADHD       Adoption        Anger        Anxiety       Asperger’s

           Attention Deficit Disorder          Autism 

Babies      Bedwetting       Behavior issues        

Bullying      Burkitt Lymphoma 

Calmness        Chronic Illness       Co-ordination        Concentration

Confidence         Diabetes          Discipline         Disobedience

Eating      Education         Emotional outbursts        Eyesight

 Family dynamics        Fear      Fear of the dark         Feedback

 Foster Care       Habits       Hallucinations      Happy Children     Hearing

Illness        Lack of respect        Nail-biting         Nightmares

OCD     Panic attacks      PTSD         School          Selective Mutism 

Self-confidence        Self-esteem         Separation anxiety      

Sibling rivalry      Sight-impaired       Sleeping        Social skills

Speech          Stress release         Swimming             Tantrums

Toileting      Poos      Trauma       Waking tearful        …. and more

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