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This technique is one of the most effective methods available in clearing negative emotional feelings without the necessity of having to remember any or all of the events which caused the emotions.

Some emotions are stimulants, and others are depressants.  An emotion which is a stimulant, is anger.  An emotion which is a depressant, is sadness.

By using this technique, it is not necessary for the client to actually know or remember the events, or incidents that caused the negative emotion.  However by learning the history of events in the clients life, it allows the client to know which negative emotions to deal with.

It is not necessary to know the date when the first indicent occurred, since this technique employs a system which helps the subsconcious mind accept these emotion that emotions are being eliminated from the earliest occasion right up to the present.

Let us provide to you the ability to release the inner thoughts and issues that are holding you back.

Over time, people often has issues with stress related issues that need to be cleared so they can get their life back.

Although this is primarily used for removing negative emotion which are affecting the client in a negative fashion, it also works with stress related categories of:

                Emotional-Release-Therapy™ is very effective with:

1. Coping with Cancer issues

2. Stress related issues (insomnia, lack of companionship, anxiety, sadness, etc)

3. Anger Management 

4. Smoking Cessation

5. Weight Management

6. Pain Management

7. and much more......

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Training as a Emotional Release Therapy practitioner is available from this ERT Certified Instructor.  Contact us using the above information regarding location, registration, and fees associated with adding this valuable technique to your practice.