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Finding the Strength and Courage to control your CANCER!

HYPNO-CHEMO offers the Cancer sufferer a legitimate, professional and caring complementary therapy designed to encourage a "POSITIVE EXPECTANCY" at every stage of their illness.

HYPNO-CHEMO reduces the patients suffering by increasing their optimism and their "Motivation to Mend".

The aim of Hypno-Chemo is to offer cancer sufferes a legitimate, professional and caring service, aimed at complimenting the established treatment, from the doctors, the consultants and other organization they may already be involved with.

The Hypno-Chemo course will show you how stress in the immune system from both long term stresses and  a series of recent major traumas can lower the immune system effectiveness allowing disease to manifest itself.

So restoring the psychology to a positive mindset will aid the sufferer's immune system and have a positive effect on their recovery.

Beating illness by participating in recovery, not failure and this is an all encompassing assault including not only mindset, but diet and exercise, to allow the client to produce the best positive environment they can, align that the modern medicine and we are offering the client a full 3-pronged approach to dealing with their illness.